Sokol International Racetrack is a motorsport race track 76 kilometers northwest of Almaty, Kazakhstan. The 4.495 km circuit was designed by the revered German engineer Hermann Tilke. Tilke is a former racing driver and circuit designer who has designed numerous Formula One motor racing circuits. The talented designer is one of four recognised by the FIA but has, with the exception of the Silverstone redesign in 2010, been the only one to be commissioned to design Formula One tracks. Sokol Race Track is an FIA Grade 2 Track.

The main track is the Crown Jewel of the circuit and can host such events such as the Formula and Moto GP. Indeed, the main track has 4.5 km of flawless coating, and four high speed sections, making it possible to go 350 km/hr. Therefore, the track is a perfect fit to host world class races. The track infrastructure includes a paddock for 250 vehicles, a medical and fire station, a head office, team residence buildings, a VIP area, a pit lane, a pit building, and stands that can host upto 250,000 people.

We are located at the 76 km of the Almaty - Astana route in the Ile district of Almaty Region. The territory of the complex covers an area of 205 hectares and is able to comfortably accommodate about 105 thousand people. There is also a developed parking system with 35 thousand parking lots.

Sokol STC Race Track is a large-scale project combining a complex of unique race tracks and entertainment. The commercial zone is open to all visitors of the race track. There are located the hotel, feeding centers, portable toilets, mini golf, paintball, as well as a vehicles museum. There is a camping zone for outdoor activities in the complex.

We are pleased to offer our guests

  • Swimming pools (for children and adults)
  • Walks on buggies and ATVs
  • Paintball club
  • Mini golf
  • Elegant restaurant with Chef's menu
  • children zones
  • Retro vehicles thematic museum
  • Camping zones