Mr. Dastan Ibragimov Alidjanovich meets with Her Excellency Olga Algayerova, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, at the esteemed United Nations Office in Geneva.

Announcement Regarding The CEECA Friendship Association

The Headquarter of the CEECA Friendship Association, including the seat for CEE in Vienna, Austria, falls under the umbrella of well-respected and honored Dr. Michael Kraus, the stakeholder, and CEO of the company Donau-Finanz Treuhand- und Finanzierungsgesellschaft mbH & Co.KG (Donau-Finanz) as the CEECA Ambassador.

The seat of the CEECA Friendship Association for Central Asia region will be in Kazakhstan (Almaty/Astana) under the leadership of Mr. Dostan Alidjanovich Ibraghimov - a well-respected and honored businessman and philanthropist, the founder of Soft Drinks and Bottled Water Production Companies and STK Sokol LLP operating Sokol Race Track - Kazakhstan's first world-class motorsports complex.

Since 2021 Mr. Ibraghimov is an Advisor of the National Project "Diversification of the economy aimed at creating new jobs", Block "Development of the tourism industry" aimed at implementing projects in the field of tourism in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

At present he is the President of the Federation of Auto-moto sport of the Kyrgyz Republic and VicePresident of the Federation of Auto-moto sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Ing. Dana Meager, the former Deputy Minister of Finance of the Slovak Republic and Special Envoy of the SR for Belt and Road Initiative, currently an Advisor to Mr. Ibraghimov for strategic planning and geopolitical analysis, will be a part of the management of the CEECA Friendship Association and the executive director of the branch association in Slovakia.

Country CEECA units in each CEE and CA country


  • Energy and natural resources/raw materials
  • Agricultural & food industry
  • Entertainment and Tourism
  • Science (R&D)

Respecting the transformation processes of the global society, the CEECA Friendship Association is ready to support the international community of professionals/institutions. It is keen on contributing in the areas of:

  • Good health, well-being, and quality education
  • Clean water, fresh air, and green land
  • Affordable and clean energy
  • Responsible production and consumption

CEE = Central and Eastern Europe

primary focus on Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia secondary focus on Czechia, Romania, Croatia, Ukraine

CA = Central Asia
Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan

The new state of global affairs and geopolitical decisions made most economies struggle, and the international business sector faced new challenges. It mainly concerns the energy industry, where a recent phenomenon is experiencing unpredictable commodity pricing, hysteria in the diversification of the supply chains, preference in concluding long-term agreements rather than spot contracts, and arrangements on extraction limitation.

After the European Union enforced several sanction packages against the Russian Federation, new economic and business cooperation ties occurred. The new supply chains for commodities and raw materials commenced to exist, and so did the whole logistics and transportation network chain, which shown to be one of the most significant parameters of the global trading in which the Republic of Kazakhstan, deemed a key player and natural leader of Central Asia, plays the fundamental role. What used to be essential, logical, and undisputed became an issue to be addressed with surgical precision overnight.

The European Union is losing its global competitiveness. Due to the sanctions imposed against Russia, the EU managed to harm itself, causing enormous damage, which may, in total, exceed 400 billion USD. The inflation rate in some countries of the European Union jumped up to more than 20% in 2022. The living standard and wealth of the EU population have dropped significantly. It mainly concerns food, medical remedies, fuel, and energy resources, the prices of which have increased enormously. Specifically in the EU, the new reality reveals that politics and business must be more coherent. Moreover, the economic rapprochement of Central and Eastern Europe with the developed economies in the North-West has practically stopped. Economic transformation and accession into the EU managed to raise growth, reduce unemployment, bring new technologies, and raise the standard of living. Still, the differences remain high and are no longer shrinking. Central and Eastern Europe needs a new economic strategy.

However, The Republic of Kazakhstan, including other Central Asian countries, is also confronted with the intense resonance of geopolitical events. Without a doubt, the driving force of any economy is the trade and the business. There are many new opportunities, reliable partners, and still enough room for mutually beneficial arrangements and agreements between those who share the same values and determinedly care to maintain the global balance. The Global giants such as China, the USA, EU can only expect the global economy to be boosted with a substantial contribution from the transaction countries of the CA and CEE countries.

With deep respect to this new set of circumstances, we are sure there is some great potential for

  • building new business relationships between the CEE and CA companies
  • collaborating on many exciting projects and even
  • contributing to further enhancing the reputation of both the CEE and CA regions through our undeniably responsible business approach.

In recent months, the EU has witnessed the efforts of EU member states to enter into negotiations with new partners on an individual basis appear ineffective. Therefore, it is most reasonable to join forces with enthusiasm and experience to restart effective and mutually beneficial business ties and contribute to boosting the global economy. And it will only happen with the Heart of the Globe - the CEECA Pact - a nonpolitical business, science, and cultural platform.